Why should you work with DASCENZO GATES Intellectual Property Law for your intellectual property needs? We provide cost-effective, proactive solutions for our clients. Our goal is not simply to obtain registration of intellectual property rights for our clients. Instead, we are committed to ensuring that the rights we obtain are of suitably broad scope and enforceable under the corresponding intellectual property laws. Our thoroughness and attention to detail are of the utmost importance, as is our commitment to strong client service. You will find our billing straightforward and will not encounter charges for short calls, most form letters, and routine docketing. In short, we treat you like we like to be treated.

    • Patents
    • Acquiring patents for your technology can be a lengthy and costly process and there are no guarantees. There are many complexities regarding filing deadlines, disclosures, and claims that can have significant effects on your rights.  We understand this process well, both in the U.S. and abroad, and we will discuss it with you in a clear and understandable way. We invest in understanding your business, technology, and industry so that we can help you arrive at the best business-reasonable solutions for your budget. It is important to us that you understand the tradeoffs—both up front, and those that come up along the way—so that you can make the right decisions to meet your business goals.

      We also have deep experience in foreign patent prosecution, and we maintain a network of trusted colleagues around the world. We can help you develop and implement a strategy for protecting your technology in international markets.

    • Trademarks
    • Your brand identifies you to your customers. It is important to protect the investment you have made in creating and developing it. We help our clients in all phases of the trademark process: from performing clearance searches, to advising on the selection of marks that are distinctive and robust, to registering and maintaining marks, and to enforcing your rights against infringement. We also assist clients in developing trademark strategies that match their product or service expansion plans—whether that involves just a few markets or a broad global plan.  The rules and rights for international protection are complex, and in many cases are much different from those in the U.S. We can help you understand your international options so you can make the best decision for your business.

    • Trade Secrets
    • In your research and development process, you may have developed information that is known only within your company and that needs to remain that way—drawings, cost data, compositions, methods of assembly, to name a few. These trade secrets are valuable because you have kept them secret. If they are disclosed improperly, they lose their economic value. If that improper disclosure is to a competitor, the impact can be devastating. We can help you understand what types of information can and should be protected, and can help you develop the internal processes to maintain the value of your trade secrets.

    • Copyrights
    • You have created an original work of authorship and need to understand how to protect it and keep others from copying it. Copyrights can extend to various artistic creations, as well as to materials created for business purposes, such as software, websites, instruction manuals, and product packaging. As the creator of an original work, you need to understand your automatic rights, as well as the required steps to enhance those rights for enforcement. Businesses need to understand how to secure their rights to and protect works that are created by employees or hired contractors. Just because your business has paid for the creation of a copyrighted work does not necessarily mean that your business owns it. We strive to ensure that our clients understand the intricacies of copyrights and can take the necessary steps to secure and protect their works of authorship.

    • Licensing
    • Your intellectual property portfolio has value not only from the enforceable rights you have via ownership, but also from your ability to license that intellectual property to other parties.  There are times when licensing your technology makes more business sense than strictly enforcing your rights against others.  Whether licensing your intellectual property has been your intent from the start, or whether the opportunity presents itself along the way, we can help you with our extensive experience in negotiating licensing agreements.  As well, you may need to license intellectual property from another party to meet your business goals.  The careful crafting of licensing agreements will help ensure you are getting what you need without giving up more than is necessary.

    • Due Diligence
    • When you are acquiring or licensing intellectual property from another party, you want the assurance that the rights you believe you are getting are, in fact, the rights you are getting.  What is the status of the intellectual property you are acquiring?  Have the rights been maintained or renewed?  Does the seller of the intellectual property you are buying have exclusive rights to its sale?  It is crucial that you understand exactly what you are acquiring so you are not surprised after the contract has been signed.  We conduct the necessary due diligence steps when crafting licensing and acquisition agreements for our clients.