Presentation Design Group LLC

I have to mention how much I appreciate DASCENZO GATES IP Law’s novel sensitivity to the parties when drafting our agreements. In a short time, they have discovered our tone and aligned their professional counsel and contractual language with our business case. There is more than enough complexity in negotiation with giant organizations, and litigious sidebar conversations with associated third parties could easily become perilous impediments to our evolving work, yet DASCENZO GATES’s agreements have been executed effortlessly. Because of the way in which our agreements were drafted, it’s easy to present them to our clients with confidence and without apology. That our clients, some of the largest organizations on the continent, have conceded to our small LLC terms—unheard of in the usual course of business—is a tribute to DASCENZO GATES’s attention and empathy. I’m very proud to work with DASCENZO GATES, and I’m a better negotiator because they are on our side.

Andrew Pickering, Partner