Sam  B. Thacker

Sam B. Thacker

Intellectual Property Attorney

Client Philosophy

Sam enjoys working closely with clients and prides himself in providing straightforward, no-nonsense advice that helps clients navigate the often complicated IP legal jargon.  His attention to detail and technical aptitude enable him to hone in on the patentable aspects of a disclosure and build a robust portfolio that maximizes protection and coverage.

Professional Experience and Education

Sam is a graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School.  While at Lewis & Clark, Sam received the award for outstanding oral advocate in the First Year Moot Court Competition.  Before joining the DASCENZO GATES Intellectual Property Law team, Sam worked at other boutique intellectual property law firms in Portland for 5 years.  During this time, Sam assisted clients to pursue patent protection in such diverse technologies as engine systems, medical devices, software (including blockchain), machinery, and footwear.

Before working in the intellectual property field, Sam attended MIT, where he graduated with a degree in Brain & Cognitive Sciences in 2014.  While at MIT, Sam conducted research on olfactory bulb periglomerular neurons at the Vollum Institute at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).  Although interested in neuroscience research, Sam decided he wanted a faster-paced job with a more collaborative work environment where he could communicate daily with clients and team members.  He also learned that his real passion lay in learning about new scientific and technological breakthroughs, and simplifying complex technical concepts into layman’s terms for others.  Patent law thus seemed like a natural fit since patent applications require the reduction of complicated technologies to written form that are readily understood by others who are not experts in the field.


Sam is a member of the Oregon State Bar and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Sam, like many other Oregonians, loves the outdoors.  This is what drew him back to the Pacific Northwest after finishing his undergraduate studies.  He spends many of his free weekends fly fishing, backpacking, hiking, and travelling.  In addition, he tries to remain engaged in environmental conservation and climate change mitigation efforts, as well as local fish issues – particularly salmon recovery in the Columbia River Basin.  Sam also exercises and plays sports (mostly basketball) daily, tries to stay up to date on the most recent advances in science through publications like ScienceNews, and frequently plays blues/boogie-woogie piano when there is no one around to annoy.