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DASCENZO GATES Intellectual Property Law has extensive experience and expertise in handling a range of complex patent and trademark matters, both in the U.S. and internationally.

We advise our clients on the full spectrum of intellectual property law, from initial evaluations of inventions and trademarks to developing strategies for pursuing protection, to worldwide licensing, defense, and enforcement of our clients' IP rights.

New Businesses/Individual Inventor Consulting

You are ready to pursue protection for your invention, but this is your first foray into the patent process.  You have selected a trademark for your product but need assistance evaluating whether the mark is available for use and how to protect it.  You need a firm that starts by explaining the patent process in detail, including search options, avoidable pitfalls, and considerations for evaluating the potential scope of protection against the expense to pursue it.  Overall, you need a team that is willing to spend the time to help you understand how the four core areas of IP (patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets) may apply to your new venture; to understand the pros, cons, and expenses of pursuing protection; and to work with you to develop an effective IP business plan.

Services for Foreign-Based Law Firms

You need an IP ally in the U.S., not just a firm to follow your instructions.  Instead, you need a firm that is well-versed in the differences between U.S. and international IP law, policies, and practical strategies to assist you to make the best U.S.-focused decisions for your clients.

In-House IP Team Assistance

You have IP counsel in-house and manage your IP portfolio internally, but you need to add outside services to manage fluctuating volume. Or, perhaps, your business is developing needs that fall outside the expertise of your in-house team.

Services for Growing and Expanding Businesses

You are ready to expand into new product categories and possibly new markets. To do this, you will need a sound strategy for international brand and patent protection. The laws vary by market and it can be costly to establish and maintain rights internationally. We can help you navigate this process to determine your available options and to select the most cost-effective ones to help you meet your business goals.

Start-Up Business Support

You have some initial funding. Now it is time to establish your core brand and IP so you do not build equity in something to which you do not have the rights. You also need assistance developing a reasonable IP strategy for growth while also keeping within the business’s budget.